Museum display case

Simply intelligent

Museum display case

Simply intelligent

Meyvaert Glass Engineering specializes in custom-built display cases. We developed their Sanaa display case. This display case is meant to appeal to a larger audience, offering them a standard product. In addition, the modularity of these display cases offers the necessary flexibility for varying displays in a frequently changing setup.

     Client: Meyvaert Glass Engineering


“Red Dot Design Award winner 2010”

Easy to assemble

The Sanaa display case is transported as separate panels, while the glass edges are protected by an aluminum border. The display case is easy to assemble by just two people, with no need for specific tools. The patented connection system makes it possible to dismantle and rebuild the case again and again. This is ideal for frequently changing exhibitions, for compact storage or for transport.



Some exhibited objects are very sensitive to humidity. Sanaa has the same system to regulate humidity as do top-class display cases for museums. The air inside is hermetically sealed off from the air outside and circulates internally through special packs with absorbing beads.

Easy & safe to access

The door is opened by loosening the hidden screws at the top and bottom of the door. With this system, the hinge and the lock are barely visible, but offer the necessary security. If the display case is to be used in a shop, requiring frequent access, this minimalist system can be replaced by a standard lock and key.


Of course, the exhibited objects are the focus of each exhibition. The display case is just a way to present them, preserve them and protect them. The Sanaa display case does so in a stylish way, with minimalist elegance and fine finishing. Sanaa is a unique combination of function and esthetics, in itself a piece of art. "Sanaa" is a Swahili word meaning “work of art”.


“Henry van de Velde Label 2010”

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