Routemaster 2

Ontwerpwedstrijd in opdracht van Boris Johnson, burgemeester van Londen: Ontwerp de opvolger voor de legendarische rode dubbeldekker.

  • 5e plaats uit 225 inzendingen
  • Client: Transport for London

The judges said...

“This bold and striking design from Belgian designers Alexander Crolla and Pieter Lasage caught our attention with an entry that broke the mould of traditional bus styling and that of the Routemaster itself. Unusual design elements include the use of a twin rear-axle arrangement with smaller wheels, the large windows to the lower deck, and an interesting air cooling distribution system. This allows for a particularly low and fully-flat floor, ideal for accessibility. Another notable difference from other entries is its notion of a six-wheel drive and steering arrangement. The design is for an 11-metre long bus with twin staircases but with greater capacity than its counterparts with space for 105 passengers.”


"We eindigden op de vijfde plaats, van de 225 deelnemers uit de hele wereld, als eerste en enige internationale (niet engelse) winnaar."