We wish you a colorful 2019!

Studio Dott.

Let us spice up your 2019

From all of us at Studio Dott,
we wish you a colorful and happy new year!

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Christmas at Studio Dott

Christmas at Studio Dott, that's a bake-off including over 30 baked goods, an extremely competitive Christmas decoration challenge, a very colorful photo shoot, an intense workout and more pizza than you can count.



25 baked goods at 9 in the morning? Does that sound surreal to you? Well that's what we did and it gave us the sugar rush we needed!


Christmas decoration challenge

A tradition we keep going, our Christmas decoration challenge is getting bigger and better every year! With categories like "most most", "most efficient" and "most cohesive" we set our creative spirits free!

Our card

In order for us to wish you all a colorful new year we had to get our hands dirty! 30 bags of "holi powder" were launched into the air in less than two hours.


The beast

That sugar rush we talked about earlier? Well this is where we needed it! We took multiple laps on The Beast, the worlds largest inflatable.


pizza 4 all

After multiple laps on the beast we were in need for some food. We ended our day with dinner at Otomat.