Ready for a marvelous 2023


*sound on*


In 2022, we kept on moving
Moving forward with projects, tools, designs & people
Step by step
Into our new office
Towards bigger challenges
Where we keep on thinking in systems
Where context is always key
Where users still come first
Ad always forward through design

Ready for a marvelous 2023


Form all of us at Studio Dott, we wish you the best.


Pieter, Tine, Alexander, Charlotte, Glenn, Galina, Bert, Stefanie, Thomas, Mathijs, Michiel, Mathias, Ellen, Jonas, Charlotte, Jens, Leen, Lotte, Robin, Janie, Sofie, Dries, Tomas, Suzan, Sarah, Janne, Ozi, Victor, Jurgen, Orily & Tony

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