Assurax retail concept

A new retail concept was developed, fusing the online service and physical offices to a whole. At the same time, a strongly distinct brand image (new house style, logo, etc.) was created, supporting the values of the Assurax brand (transparency, openness, confidence, professionalism).

  • Client: Assurax

Preliminary study personas

With user research as a starting point, we looked for potential customers (personas) for whom a network of physical offices could be an added value. From there, 4 potential customer groups were defined, each with their own characteristics (young, old, man, woman, etc.). We analyzed the needs for each group and mapped their purchase process. What is the first interaction like, how are products compared, how are decisions made and how is the portfolio managed? And what is the added value of a physical office in this process?

A balance between online & physical

After the preliminary study, we looked at which services needed to be offered through the internet and which services needed to be offered through a physical shopping environment, as well as how these could reinforce each other, in order to serve the customer in the best possible way. But also, how should they be designed, such that the services are easy to understand and inspire confidence?


The customer experience

Usually, you would find yourself sitting across from a salesman or saleswoman who’s typing everything into a computer, after which you’d have to sign a printed document. This is far from transparent and gives the customer a feeling of uncertainty. Placing the broker next to the client during a conversation, both looking at the same screen, creates a higher level of trust. The interface for brokers was also designed in a comprehensible way, so that the customer can follow all the steps, but can also use the website to review everything at home.

Seamless integration

It is important that the online service is also present in the physical shopping environment. In the front part of the shop, customers can use the website to view their portfolio, gather information or find their way around. It should therefore be possible for customers to start the process at home and then conclude their purchase in the shop, or the other way around.
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How do you integrate an insurance company’s online service and physical offices? For this purpose, we developed a new, transparent and clear retail concept.