Cocreatie SD Worx

SD Worx came to Studio Dott to redesign their offices at Koningstraat 284 in Brussels. The first step in the process was a requirements analysis.

This analysis led to visually detailed concepts illustrating the makeover and rearrangement of the most important spaces on all floors of the 2 buildings at this location. Given the impact of this organizational change, the concepts of the new interior and design were presented to all SD employees in this location. Creative co-design workshops allowed the employees to determine the priorities, must-haves and nice-to-haves within the ‘package of demands’.

  • Client: SD Worx


The wishes and needs of the SD Worx employees and executives were mapped through observations, interviews, conceptual brainstorming sessions and a survey. This resulted in a number of concrete concepts to be further explored.



At the same time, the elaboration of the new interior concepts was done keeping in mind the new way of working, or 'activity-based working': how can SD employees work in a more flexible, efficient and smart way, depending on the type of task or activity that needs to be undertaken at any given time.