Fitness trackers are now more popular than ever. There are 2 groups available: there’s generic fitness trackers which you can use for all your sports and which give you a rough and generic overview of your performance, and then there’s specialized trackers, which record one sport very accurately and each have their own app. So you have to choose between less accurate information in a clear overview, or detailed data spread out over several apps…

That’s why we created GRIT, a multi-sports fitness-tracking system.

  • Design for Asia Award
  • A' Design award 2015-2016
  • Client: KYTO Fitness Technology

A new brand

The Chinese company Kyto wanted to market its digital skipping rope in Europe. But because they were unfamiliar with the European consumer, Kyto asked our help to optimize their product for this new market. In the end, we did much more than that, we created a new brand: GRIT.


One for all

There were already a number of digital skipping ropes in the market. How could we stand out? We noticed that ‘smart’ sport devices and trackers all used similar sensors. So why use a new set of sensors for each product? No need. We decided to not only tackle Kyto’s skipping rope, but go right into developing a smart fitness-tracking system with one central digital element which can be used in all sorts of devices for various sports.

“Sport devices and trackers all use similar sensors, so why use a new set of sensors for each product? No need!”"

~Studio Dott.


One tracker for many different sport devices: TRACK is a small computer equipped with several sensors and a simple display to guide sports enthusiasts in their training. TRACK automatically recognizes the different sport devices and the display adapts accordingly. No messing about with settings, just plug & play. So far, you can already use GRIT for walking or running, for rope-skipping and for training your handgrip with the gripper.


One app, many sports

One central app which synchronizes to the app on your smartphone using bluetooth. This app gives you a neat overview of your past performance, and allows you to set your goals and challenge friends. From now one, there’s only one central place for all your sporting achievements!

Perfection down to the smallest detail

When designing GRIT, the challenges were all in the details. In a multi-sport system, everything needs to just click and work perfectly and immediately. The user experience has to be intuitive and ergonomic. That’s why we used techniques such as user analyses and rapid prototyping. This allowed us to run a practical evaluation of the various products quickly, and in each development phase. Fast and efficient!


Ready for market

But a family of well-designed products in itself isn’t exactly a brand. That’s why we also did the branding for Kyto: we developed a new corporate identity, the logo and stylish packaging. And so Kyto is completely ready for the world market.


“We were given free rein to make this project our own, which really paid off. Kyto GRIT was awarded the A’ design award 2015-2016.”