Due to the size of their store network, standby power and the occasional human error, large retail chains often have to deal with considerable wastage of energy. Together with Sumi, previously called Domotic Lounge, we developed a cross-platform application which monitors energy consumption, communicates any wasting and immediately takes action by automatically controlling the devices (heating, air-conditioning, lights, etc.). Energy management was never easier.

  • OVAM ECO Design Award PRO 2015 nominatie
  • Client: SUMI

Saving time, money and energy

A few Belgian retailers asked Sumi to develop a tool to allow them to control the lights and heating in their outlets from their head office. Together, we developed an intelligent and user-friendly management system that saves retailers a good deal of money, time and energy.


Strategic value

In order to allow central operation of heating and lighting, Sumi made a physical link between the retail outlets and the head office. This link comes with a simple web interface to control the various techniques. When we talked to potential clients in order to make this interface more user-friendly, we found that in fact, people weren’t looking for a set of remote control switches but what they needed was a complete energy management system. Thanks to this insight, Sumi was able to turn a strategic corner and optimize the Shopcontroller business model, consequently offering its clients unique advantages.


Big Brother with buttons

Shopcontroller is so much more than just a remote control. It’s a multi-site energy management system giving facility managers or executives an overview of the energy consumption in each of their stores. Thanks to real-time monitoring of electricity, gas, water, temperature, light, etc., they can manage the consumption and quickly and efficiently adjust it whenever necessary. And all of this is done in one central web application. Big Brother is watching the energy!

Different, but still the same

By framing the interface based on daily periods and clocks instead of techniques, managing the energy consumption is done in a user-friendly way, even if the different outlets use different devices. Entering holidays and exceptions, drawing up, changing or copying weekly schedules, it’s all extremely easy to do, for all of the outlets.


”In some stores, we’re already using 30% less energy! E5 mode”

~E5 Mode


A smart system

Thanks to real-time monitoring, the consumption of electricity, gas and water is indicated on one dashboard. Error notifications and defects that are invisible or go unnoticed are immediately pointed out. Automatic analyses give the necessary information in order to adjust the consumption where possible, as well as detect abnormal highs and lows. This way, this smart management system determines the most energy-efficient configuration for every store and at any time.

All benefits

Thanks to the Shopcontroller, retailers use 25% less energy on average. The system can be deployed in the entire retail network, without any renovation costs and the investment pays for itself in an average of 3 years. Those are impressive numbers. The Shopcontroller concept can also be useful for groups of schools, large companies, social housing and the health care sector.


“As part of the Henry Van De Velde Awards & Labels 2015, Shopcontroller was nominated for the OVAM ECO Design award PRO 2015 in January 2016.”



In order to make the service and accompanying interface as user-friendly as possible, we facilitated various cocreation- and covalidation sessions. In combination with interviews and user tests with the various stakeholders, the needs were clearly mapped.

Customer journey from A to Z

An extensive customer journey analysis allowed us to develop a concrete and workable model to test the new concept. In doing this, we not only focused on the use, but also mapped the entire interaction process: from the purchasing decision to the placement, use and maintenance. And we did this for all stakeholders.