Active Curling is the indoor version of curling on ice (that’s the sport with the heavy stones and the brooms).

The Custola (short for Curling Stone Launcher) is an aid to allow disabled people to play Active Curling in a way that doesn’t create a competitive advantage or disadvantage. Able-bodied and disabled people can now face off at the same level, either using the Custola or not.

  • Client: Custola


We developed the launcher based on an idea by Debomat, and after thorough observations of the target group during which we mapped the needs and possibilities.

Up to now, Boccia was the only sport for people with serious physical disabilities. The disadvantage however is that it requires (expensive) personal gear and a personal assistant. In the case of Active Curling using the Custola, a group of players can use the same gear and there is no need for personal assistants.