The funeral sector revisited

Sereni is an association of experienced funeral directors. They came knocking at our door to translate their new funeral concept into a physical flagship store at Het Eilandje in Antwerp. With light and contemporary spaces that exude calm and serenity, Sereni is contemporary, customer-oriented and approachable. It’s plain to see: with the Sereni network, the winds of change are blowing through the funeral sector.

  • Client: Sereni
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A new concept

We designed the 'retail space' at the front not as a store but as an inviting gallery. The arch shape emphasizes the approachable character of the concept. Linen curtains give access to the funeral hall with a visitation room and intake room. The spaces and circulation throughout the building are designed in such a way that you go from the public gallery to increasingly private spaces, with the funeral hall and visitation room at the back. Eventually you reach an oasis of peace and green that is accentuated by the city garden.

Cremation jewelry

On the wooden wall, we fixed shelves for urns and cremation jewelry. To enhance the gallery atmosphere, we designed a special brass-look shelf with matching bell jar for the ash jewels.

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A new form of 'intake'

We also reviewed the intake interview and optimized it by developing a tailor-made piece of furniture. The round seating arrangement, which allows the funeral director to sit with the family, lowers the threshold for this often difficult conversation. Dampened acoustics, fresh pastel colors and warm, natural materials emphasize the serene feeling.

By giving the next of kin the choice of various finishes for the coffin, urn and obituaries, the family can put together a personalized funeral.

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A unique funeral hall

The hall in the back of the building breathes light and air and provides a neutral environment for the funeral ceremony. Thanks to the large glass wall that opens towards the intimate city garden, the inside and outside area fade into each other as you imagine yourself in an oasis of peace. The benches can accommodate around 60 people. After the ceremony, this space can easily be transformed into a reception area. Here too, fresh pastel colors emphasize the contemporary character.

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The visitation room

The visitation room is a unique place, where you say goodbye to a dear person one last time. In this concept we chose light again, resulting in a warm pleasant space bathed in daylight. The large window opens onto the beautiful city garden, making the room feel bigger while also bringing in the green character of the garden.

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Concept ready for roll-out

The concept that we devised for Sereni can be rolled out to other future stores, because Sereni is a rapidly growing enterprise. There is already a new branch in Muizen where this new concept has been applied.

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