“Mechelen Nachtraven” fly off with “Slim in de Stad” award 2017


The Nachtraven (night owls) project of the city of Mechelen won big last Monday. As a partner in crime, Studio Dott steered this project in the right direction. During the various phases of the project, we worked co-creatively with young people, with the ultimate goal of increasing their sense of safety at night, as a way to contribute to a bustling nightlife. Because a smart city is a great place to be, even at night.

"A smart city is ALWAYS a great place to be, even at night."

~City of Mechelen

Power to participation

In order to tackle and solve this phenomenon in a positive and innovative way, we involved youngsters directly. This happened in several steps. In a first phase, a quality questionnaire was used to establish their perception of nightlife. Next, these results were used to search for solutions and desirable scenarios, together with the young people. All these ideas were then visualized in "pitchable" storyboards.

Next steps

Based on these storyboards, young people, innovative companies and interested city services will be brought together in a next phase to develop innovative applications. We’re already curious about what that will bring. To be continued...


Slim in de Stad-award 2017

The ‘Slim in de Stad’ prize is awarded to innovative concepts that address urban challenges. The aim is to challenge Flemish cities to develop innovative ideas around technology to promote quality of life and sustainability. The Nachtraven project made a strong impression because it gives a voice to a target group that is not often heard - young people - and because of the various partners that shaped the project.