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There are now more affordable sports options available than ever before, what a great evolution! But which sport is the most suitable for your children? SportKompas is here to help! Using scientifically proven algorithms, it is possible to determine, even at an early age, for which sports a child has most talent. The 'I Like' app brings this scientific research to the schools, children and their parents, in a very accessible way. Through a playful self-test, children can now indicate which sports activities they prefer. In this way, they are guided to the sports they like to do and can persevere in.

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It’s Tinder for kids but instead of a partner, you’ll score a sport. The principle is very simple: the children navigate through a set of abstract movements. For every movement they indicate how much they like it. That’s all it takes to be able to recommend the ideal sports at the end of the ride. While the use of the app is so simple, the underlying algorithms are all the more complex.

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Science put into practice

SportKompas is the result of years of research at the University of Ghent. Researchers succeeded in identifying a set of movements that are representative of all conceivable sports. By measuring a child’s affinity with respect to each of these movements, it’s possible to determine which sports a child will be happy to do and will therefore keep up for longer. The algorithms are further developed and refined in collaboration with the Hogeschool van Arnhem and Nijmegen.


"From the drawing board to the app store..."

SportKompas Sketches


Sporti, a little blue creature from another planet helps the children to look for known and lesser known sports planets. With a compelling story, this blue friend guides the young athletes through the entire process in a simple, funny and interactive way.

Motion design

One of the challenges was to translate these movements into clear illustrations. Images that are attractive and understandable for children. In the end, we decided to work with animations in which the abstract movements are sufficiently recognizable but do not immediately remind children about specific sports.

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SportKOmpas User Test

User testing

We consulted the user right from the very first prototypes. This way, we were able to have our first designs validated and adjusted where necessary. The users’ first reactions were very promising, which only sparked our enthusiasm.

To be continued

SportKompas I Like is just one part of a series of tools that can be used to determine sports preferences. For example, SportKompas 'I Do' and soon 'I Am' are also in the pipeline. Undoubtedly this is a project to keep an eye on. Interested in what SportKompas can offer you? Then take a look at their website.

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