IoT Ideation Event

[icon name="calendar"]  May 8, 2018 | 17:00 | BluePoint, Antwerp (Berchem)

How to create meaningful and impactful Internet of Things solutions? How to explore IoT ideas and concepts in a goal-oriented and collaborative way with your team, clients and suppliers? Get to know the 'ins & outs' of IoT ideation during our public event on May 8th 2018. During the event we will introduce you to a blend of tools, methods and cases. Doing so, we illustrate how we want to actively contribute to a more meaningful and relevant internet connected future.

Join us...

This event is made possible in close collaboration with the European network Thingscon. Seats are limited. Register now...


Research and Practical Experience

Everyday we help our customers design and realise their IoT innovations. But our knowledge goes beyond mere practice: we conduct specific research in the field of  IoT design. As a result, Dott.Research works on a dedicated methods and tools for the design of connected solutions.

The event on May 8th focuses on an exchange of knowledge by exploring in a critical, yet constructive way, the challenges, needs and possibilities of IoT solutions.

"On top of things"

Designing connected products and services is the logical way forward for Studio Dott. To help our customers to fully reach their IoT potential, we have developed an IoT ideation toolkit in collaboration with Knowcards. Additionally, we continuously research a variety of IoT design processes. Some of our views, insights and perspectives can be found here. Recently, we co-founded 'Ideas of Things', an initiative giving an alternative view on technology.


"Thanks to targeted steps and partnerships, we are able to continuously fine-tune our methodologies to design digital and physical products."

~Studio Dott.

Event schedule

17:00 : registration & walking diner

18:30 : 5 concise talks

Presenter & MC : Peter Bihr [DE] (Thingscon, The waving cat, Mozilla fellow)

20:30 - 22:00 : Drinks

This event is part of the Thingscon 'Salon' series, which is a sequence of intimate events (in Belgium or the Netherlands)  discussing various aspects of IoT.