Eye-cathing award

In 2017 our CEO Pieter won the entrepreneurial Award of “Antwerpse Jonge ondernemer van het jaar”. This year, the honor was given to Wim Van Nuffelen of 'Wim verhuur'. Studio Dott was also present: the awards were designed and produced by us.

  • Award: YES
  • Client: JCI Antwerpen
  • www.jongeondernemer.vlaanderen
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The awards of winner and laureate form one unit. When they are placed together, they form a monolithic block. The top of the award is a 3D print. The lower part is made of wood. There are 4 laureates and only 1 winner.

3D print

The 3D print was made on our own 3D printer. The printer that already gained laurels making numerous prototypes was now used for the production of the awards.

JCI2018_#project _11
JCI2018_#project _13

Atelier Dott.

Our friends at Atelier Dott cut the wooden pieces to size. This is quite the technical achievement given the slanting surfaces that have to fit together perfectly.

Old and New

The contrast between the traditional wood and the technical material of the print creates an interesting tension.

JCI2018_#project _14 b
JCI2018_#project _10

Finishing touch

After a little bit of sanding, it was possible to connect the wooden and printed parts to each other. Ready to shine at the award show.

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