Belun Ring

The Belun ring is a non-invasive solution that maps the user's sleep quality. The product analyzes the amount of oxygen in your blood, your stress level and gives an overview of the different phases in your sleep. An important target group is people who suffer from obstructive sleep apnea syndrome (OSAS).

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    Red Dot Design Award 2018
  • Client: Belun
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Sleep comfortably

The ring does its measurements at a specific location on the index finger. The challenge was to keep the sensor in place without sacrificing the user’s comfort. The ring has special brackets to ensure that it can’t rotate around its axis.

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No more stigma

While the Belun Ring is a medical product, this doesn’t mean that there must be a stigma attached to it. We therefore opted against the clichéd medical styling. The product is black and has an elegant, pure shape. The glossy surface is a subtle reference to a gemstone.

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What's up dock

The data that the ring collects at night can be read by the docking station. The dock is also a handy storage box so that the device can be used at home and anywhere else.

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Using several foam models and 3D prints, we were able to optimize the comfort and ease of use of the dock and the ring.

Six rings to rule them all

Because no two people are the same, there are six different sizes of rings available.

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For our Chinese client, we didn’t only work on the product but also the branding of the product. A corporate identity was developed to fit seamlessly with Belun's strategy and philosophy. An integrated approach like this one ensures that the product and corporate identity form a harmonious unit.

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"The design of the Belun Ring breaks new ground. In addition to being convenient, it also brings joy to the wearer due to its attractive look."

~Statement by the jury

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