The Pharmacy Store

Pharmacy Sollie, located in the province of Antwerp, wanted to adapt its retail space to a wide and rich range of products and services. The well-attended pharmacy offers a very extensive range without giving customers a supermarket feeling. In this project, Studio Dott was responsible for expanding and refurbishing the existing pharmacy. We designed the interior, the shelves and displays, and the visual elements for both the store itself and the display window.

  • Client: Sollie
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The desks are designed in such a way that the customer and the pharmacist stand next to each other, which strengthens the bond of trust. As such, the spatial set-up reflects the pharmacy’s values and vision.


By using angled shelves and displays, we avoid the feeling of a “supermarket aisle” and create an open space. At the same time, the shelves and displays provide sufficient space for the wide range of products.

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