Dental practice 2.0

Helping people keep their teeth healthy, that is Dentius' mission. Customers with a radiant smile, that is their goal. A visit or check-up at a Dentius dentist is a pleasant experience and not one to be postponed until it is too late; hence their motto: “Prevention is better than cure”.
Dentius is a rapidly growing group of approximately 20 dental practices that guarantees high-quality, efficient and patient-oriented care. They wanted the interior design of their practices to clearly reflect their mission. That is why Studio Dott created a consistently positive experience, for customers as well as employees.

  • Client: Dentius
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An Innovative Concept

In the journey from a vision to a custom-made spatial design concept, the first step is a thorough analysis. What does Dentius stand for, what is their vision, how do their current practices operate, what are the conditions, protocols and technical requirements that a dental practice must meet, what should the practice of the future look like, ... in terms of service, circulation, routines, etc.

A Cozy Waiting Room

Not a claustrophobic little room, but an open, pleasant and light area. Dentius wants to reduce waiting times as much as possible. But if the customer does have to wait, this happens in a pleasant and homely area, which offers something for everyone, such as adapted reading material, free Wi-Fi, a playing zone, subtle information, etc.

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Within the Dentius interiors, we ensure a separate patient and treatment area. This creates tranquility and allows for a more pleasant experience. The customer is confronted as little as possible with the sound of rotating devices and the appearance of sterile workspaces.

Dentius Module

We developed a workspace especially for Dentius, to meet all the requirements and wishes of patients, employees, hygiene requirements, etc. The workspace allows for flexible ways of working, e.g. solo, solo-duo or 4-handed. Thanks to its modular structure and uniform implementation, employees can easily switch between the different workspaces or dentist locations.

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Efficiency at work

Behind the scenes, in the treatment zone, everything is compact, so that dentists and assistants can stay with their patients or, if necessary, only leave the patient’s side for a brief moment. An optimal and efficient way of working ensures a happy team of employees.

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