With 30 years of experience in the import and distribution of audio products, the Escape team was ready to launch their own product. We designed the Escape P9 for them, a waterproof and weatherproof Bluetooth speaker that gives your music 360° of superior quality sound. Ideal for a garden party or fine poolside music, but also suitable for summer terraces.
In addition to the speaker, Studio Dott also designed the logo, the brand image and the app’s interface.

  • Client: Escape
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After a thorough style study, Studio Dott defined the visual identity of the P9 speaker. We focused not only on the isolated product, but considered the speaker as a part of its environment.

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In addition to the design, we also took care of the mechanical blueprint. Using various mockups, we examined the speaker’s proportions, the structure, the use, etc. Once the design was perfected, we embarked on an intensive collaboration with the manufacturer who completed the prototype with the necessary electronics and software.

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Looks great, sounds great

Thanks to an intensive collaboration with our client, the manufacturer and their acoustic specialists, we have succeeded in building a device that produces a fantastic sound.


Once the prototypes were successfully tested, it was time to start the technical development. Together with the manufacturer we detailed, checked and tested the design until it was ready for production.

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New branding for a new brand

In addition to the speaker, Studio Dott also developed Escape’s branding. We supplied the name, the logo and the packaging.

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The Escape P9 is equipped with the essential buttons, but can also be fully controlled via the corresponding app. We limited the development costs by engrafting the graphical interface onto already existing software.

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The result

4 high-quality speakers, each placed in a different direction, combined with the built-in subwoofer provide powerful and clean sound in all directions. Under the keypad is a hidden compartment to fit different types of Wi-Fi receivers. This makes it possible to connect and control the Escape P9 via various other music apps or streaming services.

For the choice of materials we moved away from what is traditionally used for speakers, and opted instead for materials that can also be found in garden furniture. These materials and the pure design make the Escape P9 stand out well in a contemporary garden or terrace.

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