Apart Audio is a Belgian manufacturer of sound systems, focusing on the professional market. They recently supplemented their range with KUBO, an elegant speaker designed by Studio Dott. The KUBO series combines subtle, minimalist styling with the typical signature trait of Apart Audio: extremely simple installation.

  • Client: Apart Audio
  • www.apart-audio.be
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Even in the tightest corner

The KUBO speaker is mounted on the wall or ceiling with a mounting bracket. This allows the speaker to be rotated 140°. We gave the mounting bolts a special head, so that KUBO can also be installed close to a wall or even between beams.

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The finishing touch

We concealed the technical elements of the speaker under the magnetic side covers. They can easily be snapped onto or off the speaker and provide a nice finish.


We gave KUBO a simple but timeless design. This way, the speaker fits nicely into its environment without drawing attention to it. This is how we immediately set the tone for the new house style that we developed for Apart Audio.

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Style testing

KUBO was the subject of an extensive style study. With this exercise, we determined the new design language for Apart Audio.

3D printing

The new way of mounting and hanging was extensively evaluated based on 3D printed prototypes.

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“Meet KUBO.”

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