I Do testkit

In addition to the digital applications, Studio Dott also developed the complete I Do test box for schools to help children between 8 and 10 years old discover their favorite sports! PE and sports teachers thus have one practical box with all the necessary materials and instructions at hand. The Sportkompas "outer space" experience is extended throughout all of its parts. The Sporty mascot guides the children to their sports planets in a playful way.

  • Client: SportKompas - Sportamundi
  • www.sportkompas.be

Something old ...

Standard school gymnastics materials ... those are the old ingredients of the I Do test box. Just imagine ... the typical gymnastics mats, balance beams,... which can still be found in every Flemish school today.


... something new

A box full of new materials to conduct the I DO tests quickly and efficiently. All materials and instructions are supplied in one practical crate, with Sporty who guides the children through the exercises in a fun way.


Out-of-the-box experience

All materials are kept together in 1 practical, transportable box. This means testing can start quickly without having to look for the right materials. But the box itself is also part of the test set, which saves on materials and space.


Ready, set, go...

All of the materials are immediately ready for use. No hassle of putting dashes or calculating distances. Just put out the materials and let the testing begin! Ideal for volunteers to get started right away without any training.


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