Sportamundi and Studio Dott have been “partners in crime” for a long time. We helped determine the strategy of this new service. We shaped their new corporate identity. We designed a handy web platform for following up athletes. We created an 'outer space' experience for children between 8 and 10 years old. We developed a physical toolbox and a playful app to help these kids discover their favorite sport. In short, a total approach that includes all our services!

  • Client: Sportamundi


SportaMundi is een vzw die ontstaan is vanuit de maatschappelijke werking van Universiteit Gent. De vereniging heeft tot doel relevant (sport)wetenschappelijk onderzoek in de praktijk te brengen onder de vorm van producten en/of diensten voor overheden, sociale en non-profit organisaties, zoals scholen, gemeenten en sportverenigingen.

Sportamundi platform

There can be no insight without data! That is why we designed the Sportamundi platform to give a clear overview of the participating kids’ results.

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Sportamundi branding

Studio Dott developed an entirely new branding for Sportamundi. It’s always great to help customers achieve social impact!

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I Do registration app

A handy app ensures that the I Do participants’ sporting results are recorded in a consistent manner.

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I Do testkit

In addition to the digital applications, Studio Dott also developed the complete I Do test kit through which local authorities and schools can let children discover their favorite sports!

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SportKompas I Like

Finding a sport that you can do well and also like?! With the I Like app from SportKompas this is done in no time and it is also great fun!

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