Sportamundi and Studio Dott have been “partners in crime” for a long time. We helped determine the strategy of this new service. We shaped their new corporate identity. We designed a handy web platform for following up athletes. We created an 'outer space' experience for children between 8 and 10 years old. We developed a physical toolbox and a playful app to help these kids discover their favorite sport. In short, a total approach that includes all our services!

  • Client: Sportamundi


SportaMundi is a non-profit organization that originated from the welfare work of Ghent University. The association aims to put relevant scientific (sports) research into practice through products and / or services for governments, social and non-profit organizations, such as schools, municipalities and sports associations.

Sportamundi platform

There can be no insight without data! That is why we designed the Sportamundi platform to give a clear overview of the participating kids’ results.

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Sportamundi branding

Studio Dott developed an entirely new branding for Sportamundi. It’s always great to help customers achieve social impact!

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I Do registration app

A handy app ensures that the I Do participants’ sporting results are recorded in a consistent manner.

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I Do testkit

In addition to the digital applications, Studio Dott also developed the complete I Do test kit through which local authorities and schools can let children discover their favorite sports!

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SportKompas I Like

Finding a sport that you can do well and also like?! With the I Like app from SportKompas this is done in no time and it is also great fun!

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