IoT Design Kit

All too often, Internet of Things and other innovation projects start from a purely technological focus. There is a need for more cross-disciplinary thinking and collaboration between business, IT, engineering, etc. That is why Studio Dott developed a set of tools that can simplify and guide the efforts of those who want to collaborate and devise, elaborate and crystallize IoT solutions. Our IoT Design Kit is now ready for you to use.


The IoT Design Kit is a useful set of tools to help you explore and define Internet of Things solutions

Do we need another toolkit?!

Until now, there has been a shortage of relevant tools that support innovation teams in developing internet-connected solutions. We are increasingly seeing a shift from design processes - which are either “physical” or “digital” - to products and services that closely integrate both aspects. It is this need for new tools that has lead to a research process and a professional doctorate. During this research, we were able to test and experiment in different business contexts in order to find the most optimal and meaningful approach.

IoT workshop material

Co-creation is key

At Studio Dott, we believe that impact and creativity arise when people from different disciplines work together and create together. The various tools in the IoT Design Kit provide a shared language that does not focus on the technical aspects. This allows people from business, creative or technical disciplines to work together, to devise, create and develop impactful IoT solutions.

Modular and flexible

Each element of the Design Kit can be used on its own as a stand-alone exercise or teams can go through the entire idea generation, creation and validation process from A to Z.

We have defined 4 perspectives as a possible starting point for a goal-oriented application of the toolkit. You can use the toolkit to start from:

  • a product that is not yet connected
  • a specific technology
  • an idea that you want to test
  • a problem or challenge that you want to solve

What can the Design Kit do for you?

By applying the different parts of the IoT Design Kit, companies and teams can define their IoT strategy, generate ideas, create and evaluate concepts. Shared insights and improved insights, a clear overview of the completed process, a mapping of the future solution and tangible detailed ideas,... these are just a few of the results made possible by the Design Kit.

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Scientific basis

This toolkit is the practical implementation of an ongoing academic research project with the support of VLAIO Baekeland. The research focuses on finding ways to understand and get a grip on the design process of digitally and physically integrated products.

The Baekeland research project is a collaboration between Studio Dott, Mintlab (KU Leuven) and the faculty of design sciences (UAntwerpen). Thanks to this collaboration, the IoT Design Kit has a strong theoretical and scientifically verified foundation. The combination of this scientific foundation and our practice-based design expertise has resulted in a unique toolkit. The scientific basis has also made it possible for Studio Dott to actively contribute to the future of this field in a non-commercial context.


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