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P60DT sets the tone for hanging speakers: easy to install and beautiful to look at. No compromises for Apart audio, but a confirmation of their reputation as the installer's friend and a strong addition to their much appreciated range of audio products.

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Just hangin’

In offices and commercial spaces, ceilings are increasingly being finished the industrial way, with utilities and cables remaining visible. In the absence of a dropped ceiling, architects and installers are looking for alternatives to built-in speakers. Apart audio provides an answer to that question with the P60DT Pendant, a pendulum speaker that is suspended from the ceiling with a steel cable.


With other pendulum speakers you often have to choose: a nice design, but difficult to mount; or quick to install, but with unsightly wires and contacts that remain visible. We went in search of a solution that doesn’t require compromise. Together with Apart, we developed a product that is very easy to install, conceals all connections and fits perfectly in the visual style of the Apart family of products.

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Small details, big bang

The difference is always in the details, and that goes for the P60DT too. The cover that ensures that all cables are neatly tucked away, can easily be put on the speaker after you have hung it. This way the cover does not get in the way during mounting. Thanks to the edge at the bottom of the speaker, it can stand on the floor during installation without damaging the grid. The kink in the grid is a reference to the new design language that is being implemented in all Apart products.

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The strength of all of Apart’s products lies in the simplicity of the installation, combined with timeless design. And the P60DT Pendant is another perfect example of this.


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