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Every year, deSingel receives tens of thousands of visitors in its many halls. To ensure a smooth running for every visit to deSingel, there are always hosts at the ready to guide each guest to the right room. The hosts in turn can count on an array of customized mobile furniture specially designed for them.

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Point of contact

With its large number of halls, deSingel is able to facilitate a wide variety of performances. The complex also houses the conservatory and the Flanders Architecture Institute. This has led to a multitude of functions and consequently also a varied audience to be guided through the building.

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Visitors to a show must be led to the room as quickly as possible. This is the job of the hosts. To help them do this, we developed customized furniture. They mark the points of contact in the room and give the hosts a work surface.

Ticket control

The ticket counters are an easy landmark for visitors. While remaining true to the style of the building, they form both a physical and visual barrier. They offer space for guest lists, a cash register, merchandise, etc. In short, they are everything a host needs to receive the audience.

With their compact and stable proportions, they were nicknamed the “bulls”.

Op een sobere manier vormen de balies een herkenningspunt voor bezoekers.
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There is also a host for visitors at every hall, to answer any questions or guide them to their seat. Program booklets no longer have to be held by the host. That’s where the “giraffe” comes in. With its long neck, this program holder also makes the room easy to find.

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All of the furniture items are lightweight, they have integrated wheels, and fit in the elevator, which means they can be used quickly and easily, anywhere on campus.

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