deSingel Pavilion

Every year, deSingel takes part in the Cultuurmarkt. This event marks the start of the new cultural year and offers cultural organizations the opportunity to get the general public excited about their program. deSingel chose to have a customized stand at the market. It’s a new space that fully reflects the unique character of the cultural center.

  • Client: deSingel
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Welcome to deSingel

The stand is a place where visitors can sample the atmosphere of deSingel. The large entrances at the front and back invite you to come and take a look inside. The raised floor feels like a stage. The canopy is reminiscent of the theater’s curtain. The sleek frames reflect the architecture of the building, they define the space but also offer transparency.

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Follow the banner

As a metaphorical framework, the monochrome pavilion offers plenty of space for communication. Banners with all kinds of information can easily be hung from the top beams. The modular furniture supports the employees in their duties and offers visitors a place to absorb everything in peace. The layout of the banners and furniture is flexible, so that it can vary year after year.

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Stand the test of time

Sustainability and ease of use were important factors in this design. The entire structure is based on a modular approach, like a kit, and has a minimal amount of permanent connections. This makes the parts easy to handle, transport and store. The main materials - aluminum and wood - are easily recyclable and can be given a new life later after this.

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