SportKompas wins Henry Van De Velde Award

“We are pleased to announce that SportKompas will be awarded in the Digital Product Awards category.” 

       ~ Flanders DC 

Yes! 🥳 🎉 🍾

Such great recognition for the work we have been doing for SportKompas in the past 5 (!) years, because yes: 'we go way back!'. And in that time, just about every single one of our departments has worked for SportKompas: from branding to app design to physical test materials. That makes SportKompas a true total experience (also for us).


Jonas Callewaert

Digital product designer

After more than 3 years on this project, Jonas is now practically part of the SportKompas family. That makes him the best person to explain this project.

What the sp*rt?!

I’m sure there’s really no need to emphasize how important the practice of sports is for growing children (oops, guess I did it anyway). Unfortunately in this society, we’re not exactly getting any sportier. And yet, the range of available sports and sports clubs is now larger than ever. We’re actually spoilt for choice.

IMG_8922 3

So where does the (sports) shoe pinch?

Children and parents are often not aware of the wide range of sports available in their neighborhood, or they don’t know which sport suits them best. So children end up at a sports club they know through their brother, sister or friends (believe me, I speak from experience), which doesn’t always prove to be the best match.

SportKompas to the rescue

Together with SportKompas we want to do something about this! If we can help each child find a sport that really suits them, they will not only enjoy it more but will also stick with it longer! Win-win!

That’s how Sporti came about and brought along “I Do” and “I Like”. Two tests that allow us to chart a child’s preference and physical aptitude for various sports. Sporti then does the rest. The result is a set of sports that are just right for you. It’s not about talent detection, but if this existed in my younger days, I might have been the new Usain Bolt by now.

❤ I Like

It’s Tinder for kids but instead of a partner you score a sport. Sometimes it’s just that simple. Children navigate through a set of abstract movements. For each movement, they indicate how much they like it. That’s all it takes for the app to recommend the ideal sports that the child will undoubtedly enjoy.

more info about I Like...


💪 I Do

During the “I Do” test day, children perform a series of physical assignments. Each exercise assesses a specific trait that you need for certain sports. This leads to a set of sports for which you have a certain physical aptitude.

more info about I DO...

🚀 Your sports universe

When we combine the results from both tests, it becomes really interesting! Finding sports that you are good at, and that you enjoy, those are the sports you’re really cut out for! Let's go!

Rapport SPK
Sporti + Raket

A total experience

Children aren’t the only ones that benefit from SportKompas. Parents, researchers, PE-teachers, municipalities, etc. are all included in this total concept. Each component was designed to suit these very different target groups. That’s how you create real added value. The digital applications and physical components link up with each other perfectly.

That means the children aren’t concerned with the test, the app or the reports. They’re just going on an adventure with Sporti. A journey of discovery through the sports universe.

Sportamundi platform

There can be no insight without data! That is why we designed the Sportamundi platform to give a clear overview of the participating kids’ results.

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Sportamundi branding

Studio Dott developed an entirely new branding for Sportamundi. It’s always great to help customers achieve social impact!

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I Do registration app

A handy app ensures that the I Do participants’ sporting results are recorded in a consistent manner.

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I Do testkit

In addition to the digital applications, Studio Dott also developed the complete I Do test kit through which local authorities and schools can let children discover their favorite sports!

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SportKompas I Like

Finding a sport that you can do well and also like?! With the I Like app from SportKompas this is done in no time and it is also great fun!

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