Hydration is important. The startup My_ is totally convinced of that. But people sometimes forget to drink enough. That’s why it is their mission to monitor, manage and improve your hydration with smart products. For the development of their first product, My_SmartBottle, they worked together with Studio Dott.

  • Client: My_

Proof of concept

My_SmartBottle is, as the name suggests, a smart drinking bottle. My_ devised their own principle to allow a contactless measurement of how much fluid leaves the bottle. In order to attract capital for the realization of their first product, this principle had to be further elaborated. To do so, My_ reached out to Studio Dott and Imec. We looked into the use, composition, manufacturability and shape of the bottle. Imec did the same for the electronics.

Perfectly clean

Smart drinking bottles usually have one problem: cleaning. Having integrated electronics, the bottles can’t be cleaned under the tap or in the dishwasher. The advice is always to clean them with a damp cloth.
In the case of My_SmartBottle, all electronic components are bundled in a removable module. In addition, this module does not come into contact with the liquid in the bottle. As a result, all other 'dirty' parts can go in the dishwasher.



Finding a way to isolate all electronic components was quite a puzzle. The technique, the production, the use, etc., it all had to be in sync. To align all parameters with each other, we developed several technical models.


Think - Make - Test - Repeat

Theories on paper aren’t always waterproof. And you can’t test everything in a CAD model. Sometimes you need something you can manipulate, in order to draw the right conclusions. That’s why several prototypes were made to verify shape, ergonomics, technology, etc.



A smart bottle comes with an app, of course. Based on personal parameters, the app establishes a hydration goal. It gives you an overview of all your data and you can also manually add or subtract mls.


In addition to the status quo, the home screen also shows the optimal drinking pace. The app gives you encouraging messages to get as close as possible to this target. At the top of the screen there is the “high score” board, where you can see on how many consecutive days you have achieved your goal. As a way to challenge yourself, your longest series is also shown.



We also developed a corporate identity. By isolating My_ as a brand, we detach it from the product. This way, new products can be integrated seamlessly.