Innovation in construction

SAM is a new, revolutionary method for installing utilities in apartments. With SAM, the Smart Adaptable Module, the young startup Bao Living instantly snapped up the Henry Van de Velde Award 2019.

The collaboration between Benjamin Eysermans, Axel van der Donk and Studio Dott started through the mentoring of a student project based on the question: how can we make construction more ecological? Together, we focused on modular construction and we continued to work on the concept until the product was marketable. After their graduation, Benjamin and Axel launched the Bao Living startup to put their project on the market, and called in Studio Dott as an all-round creative design and advice studio.

We contributed to the business plan, created the design, helped in the search for technical partners, developed the first prototype, developed all the modules to the last detail and converted the full CAD model to an easy-to-use configurator.

  • Henry van de Velde Award 19
  • Client: BAO Living
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“Since more and more people live in cities and housing units are inevitably getting smaller, we need to find solutions for faster, more affordable and more sustainable construction.”

~Bao Living.

This is SAM

SAM bundles all utilities in one module. Heating, water, electricity, ventilation and home automation, it's all covered. That includes the devices, the pipes and wiring, and the contact points.


As a central unit, SAM gives every space the necessary functionality, while the utilities are no longer incorporated into the walls and floors. This not only saves material, but also makes it possible for SAM to be installed in just 3 days.

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Modular customization

SAM doesn’t have a fixed setup, but adapts to the space at hand. There are 18 different cabinets for the architect to play with and slide around to design the ideal configuration.

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To promote their story, Bao Living invested in no fewer than 3 full-size SAM prototypes. This was also the ideal way to test and optimize the design for automated production.

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