Baekeland PhD defence 🎉

'Ideating Hybrid Product Service Systems'

On October 21st, Dries will defend his Baekeland PhD titled 'ideating hybrid product service systems', a project which we started 5 years ago. In collaboration with the universities of Antwerp and Leuven an academically rooted and validated methodology for network connected product design was created during this project.

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A Hybrid Product Service System is a type of product in wich physical and digital components are intertwined in such a way they need to be designed hand in hand. In some industries they are better known as connected or Internet of Things products.

These kind of products offer a range of opportunities, but at the same time introduce some significant challenges. In order to be concious about both, a solid methodology needed to be explored and defined.

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On October 21st, 9am CEST, the public defence of the completed PhD research took place at the KULeuven. It was broadcasted as an online livestream.

Missed out on the livestream? We've launching a 3-part video series on the Studio Dott Youtube channel covering the key aspects of the research.

IoT Design Kit

The Studio Dott IoT Design Kit is a direct result emerging from this Baekeland research project.

The design kit contains all design tools you need to kickstart your network connected product design process. All info and download via

De kaarten van de IoT Design Kit worden op een tafel gelegd.
Enkele exemplaren van het uitgeschreven doctoraatsonderzoek van Dries over Hybrid Product Service Systems.

PhD thesis

There's no PhD without a thesis. The full thesis is made available as an open access digital download. By doing this, we want to actively contribute to spreading our expertise and knowledge about this topic in order for others to build upon the work done.

To download a digital copy of the thesis, head over to the university library website.

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