5 digital transformations to boost your business

Could your organization use a digital boost? The following 5 transformations will take your business to the next level. And you can have them subsidized! Did you know that the SME Growth Subsidy finances your digital transformation project up to 50%? At Studio Dott, we manage your digital transformation project and help you prepare your subsidy file.

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1. Self-service or automate routine tasks

Part of your services or internal processes could perhaps be converted to a self-service model. Or maybe you can partially automate the repetitive tasks that come with it. By doing this, you create more time to focus on specific and difficult issues. This can also serve as an additional channel to bring in new customers. Your customers will positively experience this self-service model and this way of working because of the efficiency: they can get started right away instead of having to make an appointment or wait until one of your co-workers is available.

Our LevelX4 project might inspire you to integrate a self-service model into your company. This digital application analyzes contact centers, identifies problems and develops a plan to take the organization to the next level.

Voorbeeld van hoe de Sportamundi 'I Like' app eruit ziet.

2. Create a data-driven platform

Data is the new gold: it is a source of insights, it helps you make targeted decisions and can lead to new business and valorization models. With a data-driven platform, you are always up to speed and you are able to make your results transparent.

We developed such a data-driven platform for Sportamundi. Sportamundi helps children discover which sport suits them best by means of physical exercises and a fun digital survey. The results can be consulted by their (sports/P.E.) teacher in a monitoring system that collects all the data.

3. Optimize your sales process

To convince your customers of what you have to offer, you need to supply a solution to a real issue. This can be done through custom or standard solutions or a configurable range with customizable modules to choose from. The latter has a different buyer journey. Customers need to understand exactly what you’re offering and the configuration options. Digital support can significantly optimize your sales process, e.g. with a digital product configurator. Such a configurator makes the options, impact and pricing transparent for everyone involved.

Studio Dott developed such a configurator for Bao Living's innovative interior solution. This way their customers can put together the ideal module for their home.

SAM in samenwerking met Bao Living won in 2019 de Henry van de Velde Award

"We facilitate your digital transformation from A to Z:
From project definition to a tailor-made application. From analysis and concept to realization. "

~Studio Dott.

4. Increased employee efficiency thanks to smart systems

Digitizing and automating manual processes and machine maintenance (autonomous maintenance) in your company or factory (smart factory) is a strong move. In that case, a user-friendly interface is crucial for your co-workers. In this way, you ensure that they can work more efficiently in complex environments, that the value of your data increases and that the risk of errors decreases. We like to use the term "operator or employee experience" instead of user experience, but the goal remains the same: to develop a smart application that masks complexity and is intuitive to use.

Together with Sumi, we developed ShopController, a SAAS platform where facility managers can remotely manage the energy consumption and other technical aspects of their various buildings.

Tengu is also a good example of such an application. This DataOps platform makes managing data easier. Even co-workers without development skills can use this software to execute actions such as integrating data, carrying out analysis and optimally managing data..

Voor de Escape speaker ontwierpen we ook een bijbehorende app om het toestel te bedienen.

5. Companion app for your product

A companion app is a "second screen" application that is linked to your connected and physical product. This allows you to control your product and add functions to the physical product. To achieve that, you obviously need an app with a user-friendly interface.

Studio Dott has experience with that too. We developed speakers and an app to operate them for our customer Escape.

Together with My_, we designed a smart water bottle with an accompanying app: based on personal parameters, a hydration target is set, and you get an overview of your daily water consumption.

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