Ledsreact is a startup aiming to improve the way people train. And they’re doing so with Direction, their interactive sports cone. Direction is fun and innovative, with a guaranteed impact on athletes’ response speed.

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Response time

Response time is the length of time between a stimulus and a person’s response to it. It’s an important factor in many sports, just think of the starting shot for a sprint race or the green light in Formula One racing. But even in other sports, such as football and basketball, response time is important, when athletes need to react to their opponent’s actions.

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Direction uses sensors to estimate how far away a person is. When the athlete approaches the cone, a random direction is indicated by one of the 4 colored LED lights, at the very last moment. Thanks to the sensors and smart software, response speed can be trained accurately and even systematically increased.


4 buttons are linked to 4 directions, each with their own color. This way, a color can be linked to a different meaning or a different exercise. Just one push of a button activates or deactivates the directions. The training opportunities are almost countless.

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Ready, set… GO

In order to determine the right design and the necessary features for this product, we started by mapping and streamlining the interaction. We took a step-by-step approach to see how this device would be used and what exactly it should be able to do. We developed the design in 3D, which made it possible to then produce a functional test version.

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A high-quality product

The Ledsreact sports cone is waterproof and also shock-resistant, so it is certainly sturdy enough. We also thought about the battery, which has a long life so that it doesn’t have to be charged after every practice. After training, the cones can simply be stacked on top of each other.

"LED's get physical"

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