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Deze 5 digitale transformaties geven je business een boost

5 digital transformations to boost your business

Could your organization use a digital boost? The following 5 transformations will take your business to the next level. And you can have them subsidized!

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Blogpost by Sive Cauwenberghs | 17 February 2021

Enkele exemplaren van het uitgeschreven doctoraatsonderzoek van Dries over Hybrid Product Service Systems.

Baekeland PhD defence

On October 21st, Dries will defend his Baekeland PhD titled ‘ideating hybrid product service systems’, a project which we started 5 years ago. In collaboration with the universities of Antwerp and Leuven an academically rooted and validated methodology for network connected product design was created during this project.

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Blogpost by Dries De Roeck | 07 October 2020

What’s your innovation pitfall? Do the test!

Are you an “eternal researcher” or maybe more of a “blind believer” when working on innovation? Discover your innovation pitfalls by doing our test!

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Blogpost by Suzan Bijloo | 11 August 2020

Design thinking, the #1 reason why it isn’t working for you…

“Ah, you are a design agency … you do design thinking as well”? It’s a bit of a hype isn’t it? We’ve tried design thinking, but it didn’t seem to work.”

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Blogpost by Jürgen Tanghe | 22 November 2019

SportKompas wins Henry Van De Velde Award

Yes! Our work for SportKompas gets us another Henry Van De Velde Award. Jonas explains the project …

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Blogpost by Jonas Callewaert | 14 November 2019

IoT Design Kit

Targeted innovation in the field of IoT, industry 4.0, e-health, smart cities, etc. thanks to the new IoT Design Kit.

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Blogpost by Tomas De Preter | 15 May 2019

Happy 2019

From all of us at Studio Dott, we wish you a colorful 2019!

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Blogpost by Laurens Vandevyver | 07 January 2019

Design Is So Much More Than A Profit Boosting Practice

Design can deeply transform businesses to be more sustainable, more human and to become a strong long-term performer.

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Blogpost by Jürgen Tanghe | 10 December 2018

Studio Dott wins 2 Henry van de Velde Awards

On November 15th 2018, Flanders DC announced the winners of the Henry van de Velde Awards 2019. Among the winners are two Studio projects.

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Blogpost by Stefanie Mertens | 28 November 2018

Thingscon Salon : Ideation

The Dott Research team hosted a Thingscon Salon which was all about ‘internet of things ideation’. In collaboration with an international set of speakers we contribute to the crafting of rigorous tools and methods facilitating the design of digitally connected, physical products.

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Blogpost by Dries De Roeck | 22 May 2018

IoT Ideation Event

How to create meaningful and impactful Internet of Things solutions? How to explore IoT ideas and concepts in a goal-oriented and collaborative way with your team, clients and suppliers? Get to know the ‘ins & outs’ of IoT ideation during our public event on May 8th 2018. During the event we will introduce you to a blend of tools, methods and cases. Doing so, we illustrate how we want to actively contribute to a more meaningful and relevant internet connected future.

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Blogpost by Dries De Roeck | 04 April 2018

“Mechelen Nachtraven” fly off with “Slim in de Stad” award 2017

The Nachtraven (night owls) project of the city of Mechelen won big last Monday. As a partner in crime, Studio Dott steered this project in the right direction. During the various phases of the project, we worked co-creatively with young people, with the ultimate goal of increasing their sense of safety at night, as a way to contribute to a bustling nightlife. Because a smart city is a great place to be, even at night.

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Blogpost by Jonas Callewaert | 09 March 2018