Studio Dott.

Studio Dott is an all-round creative design and advice studio. We help clients with the design of their digital and physical products, interiors, services and strategies.

When we say design, you’ll immediately think of something beautiful. But there’s much more to our work than just making beautiful things, choosing the right colors and putting buttons in the right place. We create experiences, interactions, solutions. Solutions for you to score points with. Solutions for you to innovate with. We do this by thinking about what’s beneath the surface, what’s not all that obvious but does impact the user experience. We find the bottlenecks and iron them out, with a physical, digital or process-oriented solution. A solution with impact!

"To us, impact isn’t just a word that you would interchange with innovative, beautiful or sells well. Impact is what jolts you awake. Impact is what moves you. It’s that moment when you know, that’s exactly it, that’s right. That yes!-moment is what we’re always looking for."

- Pieter Lesage | CEO Studio Dott.


Connecting the 'Dotts'.

In 2000, Studio Dott started as a design agency, focusing on product design. Today, we have a team of colleagues with expertise in product design, interior design, digital design and service design. All-round creative indeed. And that’s why we’re able to take on so many different projects and help our clients design their digital and physical products, interiors, services and strategies. And we do even more than that: branding, change management, business modeling, coaching, etc. In short, you could say “we connect the dotts”.

Our focus

Designing for people, that’s our starting point. Be it a shop interior, a garden hose reel, a social network for seniors or a skipping rope, they’re all interactions, human experiences. And in those interactions, in those experiences, we can make a difference!


User centered design

When we design for people, we have to get to know these people. They’re your customers, the people using your brand, your product or your service. But your colleagues also, your suppliers, shopkeepers, anyone who has anything to do with your product or service. We look at people in their actual context, and we look at how they use the product. We involve them in every step of the design process. That’s how we look for the bottlenecks, and find the opportunities.



We believe in working together. Together we’ll find the perfect solution. A solution that offers your company and your clients the highest possible impact. Because you want the end result to look good and work well, but you also need to be able to produce it efficiently and position it right where you need it in the target market. Studio Dott is your project partner from A to Z, and possibly even beyond…



We won’t do all talk and no action-meetings, we won’t send you reports full of buzzwords such as ‘synergy’ and ‘commitment’. We absolutely despise all that. We have a critical gaze and a frank approach. And we’d rather get our hands dirty. Move things around, get to sketching, adjust this, test that. Until that ultimate ‘yes’!-moment. That moment when the user knows: “That’s it, this is good. This is exactly how I want it to work”. And that’s when it works for you too!


"Don’t hesitate to come and find us. Together, we’ll make your products, interiors and services successful."

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