Our team

Our tightly-knit team is a good mix of years of experience and young blood, a mix of men and women, of talents in product, digital, service and interior design. We may be a bit quirky sometimes, but that’s a good thing: sometimes you have to be able to turn things upside down, get a different perspective, a nudge in another direction. We see the details that really make the difference. We’ll always look for that aha-moment. That’s the impact we’re all about.

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Pieter Lesage

Vision, Strategy & Quality
"Favorite sport: binge airplane movie watching"

Alexander Crolla

Senior Product Design Expert
? "Cheese maniac, maniac on the floor"

Tine Peeters

Customer Success Expert
"A professional chatterbox but a great listener too"

Brick De Schutter

Strategy & Finances
"Decides when to floor it and when to hit the brakes"

Charlotte Vereecke

"Put the cookie where your mouth is"

Jurgen Van Maldegem

Projectleider Concrete
"The invisible man"

Tony Li

APAC regional design manager
"Your domestic tiger in front of the lens? Tony is the purr-fect catphographer you need!"

Jürgen Tanghe

Project management - service design
"An experienced old-timer, but still loves to walk on the wild side"

Dries De Roeck

"Ask me about my keyboards"

Leen Clincke

Project management - interior design
"Retired marathon runner"

Michiel Van Laeken

Branding & product designer
"CPO - Chief Plant Officer"

Sofie Dieltjens

UX/UI service designer
"Can show you a great little restaurant at any corner in the city"

Stefanie Mertens

Product designer
"Expert in film plot analysis and criticism"

Suzan Bijloo

Service designer
"Can take on various accents. Apart from her Dutch accent, she can do quite a range of Belgian dialects (well, she can but she doesn’t very often)"

Bert Jacobs

Product designer
"Wins all self-organized competitions, surprisingly"

Jonas Callewaert

Digital designer
"A plugin a day, keeps the doctor away"

Mathias Staes

Product designer
"Hasn’t quite understood the concept of ‘inside voices’, but then that’s never been a problem in his hometown in De Kempen"

Pierre Neirinckx

Product designer
"One can always find time to binge-watch The Simpsons"

Ellen Dams

Service designer
"Such a sweet girl, eats only what rabbits eat, wouldn’t hurt a fly, free as a bird, the crème de la crème,... and oh yes, a total animal lover"

Robin von Winckelmann

Interior designer
"I fix the perfect interior for you Winckel, mann!"

Tomas De Preter

Service designer
"To be clear: he's NOT from Kortrijk!"

Charlotte Verschuere

Digital designer
"Large plants, tomatoes, snails ... All equally lethal!"

Galina Van Achter

Office manager
"Full time guardian angel, part time foodie, after hours: clay pigeon shooter."

Sive Cauwenberghs

Resident journalist
"Tom Hardy, if you're reading this: will you come and read to me?"

Lotte Ilands

Interior Design
"Takes care of your floor plans as well as your weekend plans."

Gwen Van de Walle

Interior Design
"Ice cream is always the correct answer."

Jens Gilis

Digital Design
"Be sure to fish for the size of his tank!"

Glenn Paridaens

Business Developer
"The early bird catches the worm"

Wil jij deze plek claimen?

"We’re always looking for more creative talent. Check our open vacancies. Soon enough, it might be you sporting your genius right here.”

Rosemarijn Dom

Student Communication
“Donut touch my 
cup of soup”