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Belun Ring

Shed light on your sleep

The Belun ring maps the user’s sleep quality. Studio Dott designed the while package: the ring, dock and branding. Result: a beautiful and consistent unit. Read all about it …

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Public service, focused on the citizen

Through a co-creative process, many ideas were tested together with various municipal services, and then bundled into a practical guide for the future.

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SportKompas I Like

Find your sports planets

Find a sport that you can not only do well, but also love to do?! With the I Like app by SportKompas this is a piece of cake and also great fun!

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A contemporary and customer-oriented funeral concept

Contemporary, customer-oriented and approachable. It’s plain to see: with the Sereni network, the winds of change are blowing through the funeral sector.

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The smart sports cone

Direction, developed by Ledsreact, is an interactive sports cone, giving athletes a number of training options to improve their response speed.

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Thanks to the social support of ÇAVA, elderly persons can live in their own home for longer, and informal carers don’t have to worry.

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One app, one sensor, so many sports

Kyto GRIT is a smart multi-sport fitness-tracking system with a simple plug & play tracker that can be used in various sport devices.

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Saving time, money and energy

An application that monitors energy consumption, communicates energy waste, and immediately takes action. Energy management has never been easier!

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Ageing In Place Aalst

Which conditions need to be met in terms of infrastructure and social aspects in order to make “Ageing in place” possible? An AIPA pilot project in Aalst.

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Apic Box

Revolutionizing the way chefs photograph...

The APIC.box, cornerstones of the APIC platform, superfast fully automatic photo studio for dishes in professional kitchens. Say cheese!

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A simple, safe and tasty way to warm food

Preparing ready-made-meals safely, tasty and easily for seniors? We succeeded in making the life of the senior again a little easier.

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Smart Meters

Smart meter boxes for Eandis

Considering the need for mass production, this product was optimized from A to Z. The result is pure efficiency in production, installation and use.

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Garden Hose reel

From the DIY to the design store

Used to be a purely functional product, now the absolute eye-catcher in your garden. Modern design with the internal functionality and external design perfectly in balance.

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Air Purifier

The AirBender is an air purifier designed for users looking for an elegant solution that exceeds the standard level of air filters.

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Kids Safety App

Walking the edge between privacy and parental control. festival wristband with QR code + app gives both supervisor and parent peace of mind.

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Museum display case

Simply intelligent

Flexibility within a standard product: the Sanaa display case for Meyvaert Glass Engineering appeals to a whole new audience.

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Chocolate kit for kids

Chocolate, children and cooking, an explosive formula that parents fear. With Deli’Do smudging belongs to the past!

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Cocreatie SD Worx

Flexibility in the workplace

Creative co-design workshops allowed the employees to determine the priorities, must-haves and nice-to-haves within the ‘package of demands’.

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Mavaro Railing

Design = Process optimization

Recent standards set stricter requirements for new balustrades. Mavaro is a new collection that manages to find balance between safety and aesthetics.

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Ericsson TV Guide

UX/UI Redesign for Vodafone

A complete redesign of Ericsson’s TV guide operating system for Vodafone Ireland. Optimised UI and interaction flow resulted in increased customer satisfaction.

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A true holiday feeling in the Campine

A typical closed up and dark wooden cottage in the forests in the Campine transformed into a pleasant, open and vivacious living and working space.

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Assurax retail concept

A new retail concept

A new retail concept fusing the online service and physical offices to a whole: greatly ahead of its time!

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Composite GT

Futuristic trailer

A futuristic trailer designed for the SLC-Lab showing the possibilities of production technologies for composites.

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Regular bicycle or reclining bicycle? Just switch!

A convertible bike combines the advantages of a reclining bicycle with a city bike. This in just a few seconds without lifting the wheels off the ground.

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A museum in our street

Who’s your neighbour and what does he like? Museum In Onze Straat stimulates social cohesion at street level.

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Active curling disabled people

The Custola is an aid to allow disabled people to play Active Curling in a way that doesn’t create a competitive advantage or disadvantage.

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Routemaster 2

Transport for London

Design contest initiated by Boris Johnson, mayor of London: Design the successor to the legendary red double-decker bus.

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A modern design with a touch of history

A tram is an important part of the city. That’s why it must be in symbiosis with the city with respect for the city’s character, history and residents.

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Kantoor heavy

An office space in an old warehouse

An interior design for an office space of 1200 m², based on an old warehouse.

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What's the buzz?

With WAPS you’ll pay all the wasps at your garden party their last tribute! Place WAPS in an empty bottle and turn the bottle into the wasps’ final destination.

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An endoscope with integrated battery and light source without compromise on ergonomics. A decent challenge, but a very successful result.

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Q-point Quares

Down to the smallest detail

A concept for the display windows and the interior, that was launched as a ‘pilot project’ in Mechelen. Down to the smallest detail!

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Industry heroes

Interactive exhibition

An interactive exhibition aiming to raise the youth’s interest in technical jobs in the industry.

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Picknick under the big tree

A new sandwich bar based on the idea of “picnic under a big tree” in the middle of the Ghent student district.

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